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Persian Blue Salt

Persian Blue Rock Salt

Blue salt is one of the rarest salts known to mankind, and is extracted from salt mines in the northern provinces of Persia.

Unlike sea salt which is extracted from salt ponds, Persian blue salt is a salt fossil or gem, whose crystals were formed 100 million years ago in the Precambrian seas. This sapphire blue salt formed as inland seas and lakes evaporated.

Persian Blue Salt is one of the rarest salts on earth and is harvested from the remnants of an ancient salt lake in Iran. The blue hue of the crystals is due to the immense compaction due to tectonic pressure more than 200 million years ago. The massive compression of the salt vein essentially warped the crystalline structure of the salt to the point that it refracts light differently. In short, the colour is almost an optical illusion. Persian Blue Salt has an intense salt flavour with a mellow aftertaste.

The intriguing blue colour occurs during the forming of the salt’s crystalline structure, as intense pressure is exerted on the salt deposits. The individual crystals fracture the light in an unusual way and the resulting blue (which is caused by an optical illusion), becomes visible.

The blue colour of this Iranian salt comes from sylvinite, a potassium mineral, only present in the halite, commonly known as rock salts. They come in different colours: White, crystal, pink, red, grey and black however the blue colour is extremely rare. As only a few tons are extracted per year, blue halite is one of the world’s rarest salts.

Persian blue salt is rich in nutrients. The mineral extracted from the Iranian mountains is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium which can help with relaxation and blood pressure.

Its sharp and intense flavor softens to produce a more delicate and subtle aftertaste. It is great on fish, meats, veggies, truffle dishes. Due to its rapid solubility, it is recommended to season the food just before placing it on the dish, to enjoy its flavour and texture.

This company can supply different type of Persian blue salt in several grades.

Persian Pink Salt Stone

Persian Pink Salt Stone

This type of Pink Rock Salt is well known as a product of Pakistan and is identical to Himalayans salt or Himalayan Rock Salt. Iran rock salt exporter, salt iran

This type of rock salt is very rare in the world and can rarely be found among countries. iran rock salt supplyer

Although it is not well advertised but Iran is one of countries where pink rock salt can be found in it, whereas only very limited number of mines would have it in limited quantities. Considering all limitations, we are able to provide big quantities and different kinds of packing.

Iranian Pink Rock Salt is one of richest species in term of mineral content. Pink crystal salt is the best type and available in our own mine. This type of pink rock salt is being used for human and animal food consumption, spas and treatments like energy lamps and various other uses.

Blue Rock Salt

Persian Blue Salt

Iranian blue rock salt is the rarest type of rock salt. This type of rock salt is found in the form of sugar and clear crystal with blue seams or with blue spectrum. The crystal type is most expensive type of all salts.

The blue color of this Iranian salt comes from sylvinite, a potassium mineral. Iran rock salt exporter, salt iran

Iran Blue Rock Salt, which is found in the blue color spectrum due to its potassium element, has been used to treat many diseases; it is very dry so it can easily be used in your salt mill! It reduces the acidity of food due to its strong, almost lemony notes. Due to its characteristics, it can be used in many special food recipes.

We are able to provide this rare type for customers all over the world from Iran in the highest quality.

Persian White Salt Stone

Persian White Salt Stone

White Rock Salt is one of purest salts in the world. This kind of salt can be found in Iranian mines in different structures. Cristal white salt is the best, purest, and rarest salt rock of this type. Most of Iran companies produces purity of over 98 percent. We are able to supply 99.5% purity of this type for export purposes.

Iran rock salt exporter supplier

Iranian Orange Rock Salt

Iranian Orange Rock Salt

Orange rock salt is seen as an orange color spectrum due to various other minerals. Orange rock salt is another type of colored salt rock, of which the crystal lump is also available and the best. salt iran

Such orange rock salt can be used for human and animal consumption and as a barbeque salt for cooking various grilled foods, etc. Iran rock salt exporter supplier

Orange rock salt is a very rare type of rock salt that is rarely found in Iran too. Considering all limitations, we are able to provide big quantities and different kinds of packing.

Persian Animal Licking Salt

Persian Animal Licking Salt

Livestock lick salt rock, which is one of the most widely used types of rock salt that animals lick in order to be fed with enough nutrients. It is widely used in the livestock sector, because farmers must use this type of livestock rock salt to breed and survive. Animal licking salt rock is very important and vital in various ways to have healthy livestock and we can provide it according to customer needs for consumption of different species of livestock. Iran rock salt exporter supplier

We distribute this type of rock salt in different forms for all livestock uses and sends it to all parts of the world. Iran rock salt exporter supplier, salt iran

Iranian Red Rock Salt

Iranian Red Rock salt

Persian Red Salt Rock is very rich in minerals, especially iron, and is very useful for livestock and human use, especially for people with iron deficiency. This type of rock salt is very useful. we are able to provide different sizes for different uses.

Iran rock salt exporter supplier, salt iran

Iranian Sized Rock Salt

Iranian Sized Rock Salt

Granular, powdered and meshed salts are types of rock salt that comes in different shapes according to different customer requests. Advanced factories are used to produce specific sizes.

In factories, there is a hammer part that eats rock salt and converts it to different sizes. In the next part, these different sizes are transferred to the sieve part by conveyor belts. The sieve part separates the sizes from each other and Put each size in the appropriate tank. , salt iran

These sizes can range from 1 mm to 8 mm.

We can send our cargo to special mills to provide desired mesh sizes too. Iran rock salt supplier exporter

Iran Industrial Rock Salt

Iran Industrial Rock Salt

Industrial rock salt is a type of rock salt that is being used in various industries. Iran rock salt exporter supplier, salt iran

This salt rock can be extracted in various forms and used in various industries, Various sizes, such as hand-sized salt slab weighing 500 grams, up to one-ton slat as well as various types of mesh can be provided. Iran rock salt supplier exporter

High purity rock salt is not commonly used in industry due to its price tag. many different industries use 96% purity, although the higher the purity, the better the industrial process.

some industries, such as the pharmaceutical industry, need a high percentage of purity from rock salt. We can provide this salt with a purity of more than 99% for industrial use on a very competitive price. , salt iran

How do we supply​​

We can provide different grading and sizes.

We can provide different packaging.

All our cargoes will be sorted and quality controlled.

We can export to almost all destinations of the world even considering Iran sanctions.

about us

We as SAM Tejarat Co., are engaged in sourcing, exporting and importing different goods since 2009. We have several sister companies in UAE, Turkey and Hong Kong to facilitate our transactions in Iran during sanction time.

We can provide other origin documents of our salt products to facilitate our buyer payments during Iran sanction time in case of requirement of our customers.

Considering our successful international businesses in past, we entered into salt business since 2019. By cooperating in several mines, one salt factory and a sorting unit, we achieved export quantity of 13,000MT of different types of salt in first 3 months.

We are still expanding our supply ability to fulfil new requests.

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